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ISRI Term: Taldon

Description: Shall have a minimum density of 14 Ibs. per cubic foot, and a maximum density of 17 Ibs. per cubic foot for unflattened UBC and 22 Ibs. per cubic foot for flattened UBC. Size: minimum 30 cubic feet, with bale range dimensions of 24" to 40" by 30" to 52" by 40" to 84". The only acceptable tieing method shall be as follows: four to six 5/8" x .020" steel bands, or six to ten #13 gauge steel wires (aluminum bands or wires are acceptable in equivalent strength and number). Use of skids and/or support sheets of any material are not acceptable. Must be magnetically separated material and free of steel, lead, bottle caps, plastic cans and other plastics, glass, wood, dirt, grease, trash and other foreign substances. Any free lead is basis for rejection. Any and all aluminum items, other than used beverage cans, are not acceptable. Items not covered in the specification are subject to special arrangement between buyer and seller.

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